Another reason players retained leaving RuneScape game is that things changed

Another reason players retained leaving RuneScape game is that things changed

What is this big upgrade? Just appears to be a quest from an questline. Is there anything? Holy crap, thats incorporating Darkmeyer. Good for them, damn. I am miserable RS3 kinda died over the years and the newest upgrades coming out are RuneScape gold lackluster. Theres a new ability, ye, but what about then? Many ppl stop RuneScape game, doesn't feel alive. Glad to see OSRS is still flourishing, but a bit sad for ppl like me that desired RS3 to be stored up with new cool fresh content.

Another reason players retained leaving RuneScape game is that things changed. Newcomers tried to enjoy RuneScape game in the casual F2P aspect but the simple fact that 3/4 of this content was paywalled deterred them from investing in RuneScape game - completely different from the fact that they've in-game currency (I am from the 2000-2007 era where using IRL money to get such digital items was completely prohibited and punishable) that is somehow ironic. Well accurate, things did change somewhat when they released Bonds. But that was the time when microtransactions began becoming more in mind at every login and ppl just started quitting right and left.

New and Excited RuneScape Member!

I downloaded RuneScape and I am very excited to media play. However, I'm definitely not the kind of person who likes to jump right into a new game knowing nothing about it. I first heard of RuneScape when I was about 10 and my cousin was like 15. He was constantly playing with it and I was quite curious and wished to start playing it but I did not have a fantastic enough computer in the time to play with it on in which it would operate well. Up until now, I'd completely forgotten it even existed, before someone suggested it yesterday in a different sub as an wonderful online RPG to play with and then I was like"ohhh, I know that match". To be perfectly honest, I know that and the name's about it.

I noticed that there are links to"how to" guides on this sub and I'll get to those later but for now I was wondering if you guys had any decent tips/facts I should know, some interesting things to look out for, some things to look forward to as RuneScape game progresses. Really just anything you'd have liked to have know before starting RuneScape game as a noob. Honestly, I'm ok with spoilers. So provided that you tag them appropriately for other members, I do not mind in any respect. Oh and are there some in game collectibles? I always enjoy games where they've things to collect. I'm already excited therefore please remark anything that arouses you and you love in RuneScape match!

Take a good look through settings; you'll find qol things like discarding potion vials as soon as they're empty: its great for skills like slayer. Dont neglect quests: they unlock a lot of stuff for your account and provide a lot of exp; especially sliske's endgame that's among the hardest quests, but provides 1.25 million exp to abilities of buy OSRS gold your choice. Talking of quests; perform quests in order for maximum enjoyment. Some quests have prerequisites of quests but some who are in the same series dont. The largest offender of the imo is occasions.